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The Toy Box
This is a place for discarded play(ed) things and experiments in music. Basically just bits and pieces of music with questionable production values that I've been playing around with for the fun of it. Nothing particularly special but you might like a phrase or two, you never know.
(You can use 'Save target as' to get a copy to listen to if you wish. Just remember to observe all the usual rights and conditions.)
Long Way To Childhood - a bit of Australian nostalgia. Totally fake of course seeing as I didn't grow up in Oz but it's amazing how the culture seeps in over the years.
Dinosaurs Parade - something short and sweet for the kids in us all. Featuring 'Blue', the baritone guitar.
Area 51 - a misnomer really. More country than Sci-Fi.
The Trap - featuring the 'Philibasster' on a jaunt down a country lane with a mandolin.
Beyond Broken Hill - a tear jerker of a country tale. Seven and a half minutes of gripping drama (maybe). Sit down with a comforting drink and a tissue to help you make it through this one.
Takes a while to download, but hopefully worth it. You decide.
Where The Scud Flies - another sea song perpetuating the myth that some men actually enjoyed the storms and excitement of sailing clipper ships. Historically questionable content but a a bit of a sing-along for those who like that sort of thing.
Addicted - for and by Bek. Yours truly on electric baritone guitar and 'Phillibasster'.
Three Fishers / Three Wise Men - a 19th century sea song and a 2012 Christmas song. This is a demonstration of the 'Folk Process' recorded live to air on Ron King's show 'An Acoustic Companion' on 3MDR.
On The Line - my take on the situation of a young sailor signed on to a 'Coffin Ship'. Set in England at the time Samuel Plimsoll was trying to get the 'Plimsoll Line' through the parliament when Disraeli was prime minister. Recorded live to air on Ron King's show 'An Acoustic Companion' on 3MDR. (This song earned me a new Tanglewood guitar as winner of the Peninsula Folk Club's 2013 Song Writing competition.)
Tiny Fish For Japan - one from the pen of the great, late Stan Rogers about the state of the fishing industry in the Maritime provinces of Canada at the time. Recorded live to air on Ron King's show 'An Acoustic Companion' on 3MDR.
Shake Out The Main - also referred to as 'Song of the Solo Sailor'. An unusually slow vocal melody for something of mine. Just a demo recorded on my Zoom H2 propped up on a stack of cassettes. (You do remember audio cassettes don't you?).
Chimera  - a touch of wishful thinking. Another demo recorded on my Zoom H2 on a stack of cassettes. (Sometimes the simplest things work best.) 
Down To The Copper - my version of a true tale from the days of the New Zealand gold rush (1862). The perfect story for me being a sailors tale linking Melbourne, my home port of Bluff and the history of Central Otago, with a but of art thrown in for good measure. Recorded using the vocal booth and mixed and mastered in Studio One 2 Pro.