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Introducing 'Super Jack'

These stories were written for Jackson, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and consequently has lived all his life in a wheelchair.
He thoroughly enjoyed the stories and I hope you do too.
They are based around him, his family and friends and real places in and around Melbourne, Australia where he lives.
Jackson is a young cousin of my wife and the stories were written wholey for his enjoyment and not for any personal or corprate gain, monetary or otherwise. They are preseneted here so that readers may share a little in his life and perhaps think of supporting others in his situation. In this spirit I have included some images that are partly or completely copyright to people unknown. Many have been altered to make them relevant to the story. Please respect the copyright owners rights and not take advantage of their work without their permission.

Read the stories

'Super Jack and 'Master Mitch' save the day high above the streets of Melbourne.
Spooky adventures in the darkness of Healsville.
Aeronautical high-jinks over Point Cook.