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A Cacophany of Consciousness

A selection of short written pieces about whatever came to mind at the time.

Click on the titles to read the stories in PDF format.

1 - A Magpie's Tale

A fairy-like tale of how the Magpie came into being.

2 - Smugglers

An exploration of possibilities in an unlikely world run by the PTB (Powers That Be).

3 - The Review

More from the world of the PTB.

4 - On Being Young - (Orginally written as performance prose)

One of the consequences of having a surname like mine.
In case you ever wondered about how Golidlocks' visit affected the Bearly household.
6 - Ball To Noah Vale - (An attempt at bush poetry.)
3MDR broadcasts the local Aussie Rules football league games in Winter and presenters take turns manning the desk at the station to drop in sponsorships and generally monitor the broadcast. The first time I did this being totally ignorant of the rules of the game due to lack of interest, I was looking for something to occupy the 3 hours as the game rolled by. This little piece was the result. The scores quoted in it may seem ridiculous but are actually quite close to those in the match I was monitoring.
7 - Time Equals Money - (A case for supplying the US software market from Australia.)
Is this a bunch of logical extrapolations that could make you rich, or maybe just a demonstration of the strangeness of the English language? You decide. Written long before the $AUD hit parity (or above) with the $USD. Can be applied to any appropriate currency combination.