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The 'Scrap Book' is just a place to put pictures, quotes etc. from my musical meanderings. Enjoy.
02/06/2013 Peninsula Folk Club Song Writing Competition
These photos were taken during my repeat performance of 'On The Line' after winning the competition (for the second time in 5 years).
After the presentation of a voucher for a Tanglewood Evolution TWSF-CEBK guitar from 'Guitars And Things' in Frankston I was asked to play the song again so they could video it for the PFC website. Alex Ruschanow took these pics and kindly forwarded them. They truly show how the judging was based on the song not the performer's looks.

(Nice to see the slot machine in the background enjoying my little victory.)
I picked up the Tanglewood on the following Thursday and what a nice little shiny black beast it is. It came without a hard case but the generous guys at 'Guitars And Things' offered me one for 38% off which I took them up on. The instrument is 'Super Folk' in style being more waisted and rounded at the bridge end than a Dreadnought, so it was good to get a case made specifically for that shape. It came with a Fishman pickup and preamp with inbuilt tuner and a very high cutaway, all things I expect to make use of. In a bit of serendipity I also have a spare set of strings for it that I got as part of third prize last year. Not expecting to be receiving a new guitar at this time I hadn't thought about what use I would dedicate it to, but I foresee plenty of application as a practical second stage instrument for open tunings. A luxury I haven't had before. It was certainly nice to renew my acquaintance with Rick and the Rob's in Frankston having picked up a classical guitar from them after winning the same contest in 2008.
17/12/2011 Unsolicited Compliments
Before playing a handful of songs at a private function, a guest (who shall remain nameless)unexpectedly informed me that she found my voice to be 'like a warm bath'. Go figure. Despite my long held belief that my singing is not my strong point, (based on years of evidence) I decided to take it as a compliment, if a slightly embarassing one. I also received applause for a guitar solo in a duet with Elaine during that performance. That was a first. Went home happy.
16/07/2011 Playing on Ron King's 'An Acoustic Companion' - 3MDR
Getting ready to play 'A Farmers Prayer' using Elaine's beautiful Yamaha FG1200J guitar. Tuned in open D the capo was about to be placed on the 7th fret for the song. I bought this guitar new in 1975 in Dunedin, New Zealand, selling it on a few years later. It went to a duo partner of Elaine's and when he sold it I convinced her to buy it. Then I married her to get to play it again. It's taken 33 years for that to finally happen. Well worth the wait. (She married me to stay Young for the rest of her life. Always nice to know exactly where you stand.)

Photo taken by David Miller who mixed the broadcast
with his usual professionalism.
16/07/2011 Quote from a listener's email.

Ron received this (abridged) email from a listener following the show.
'...I heard your show yesterday. It was a great one. Well done. I enjoyed the live music by Phil and Mick. Their music was great and their stories just as interesting. Phil especially was a superbly talented guitarist...'

Jim Bunn
Much appreciated Jim - Phil
17/06/2011 Promo blurb for BADFolk Gig.
Some flattering words kindly supplied by Cherie Baxter. Nice to have friends.
'At last! Phil Young is stepping out from behind the BADFC mixing desk and onto the stage for a proper airing of his treasure trove of songs. Phil’s brilliant songs, quirky humour and masterful performance will charm and delight everyone, for he is a local gem whose familiar face and gentle presence belie the exceptional talent and accrued wisdom of a musician and who has spent a lifetime exploring and expressing his craft. All aboard for an unforgettable musical trip!'
1978 On the road with 'Easy Street'
This is a promo shot taken in the New Plymouth (NZ) botanical gardens in 1978 with my constant travelling companions. A sus looking bunch if ever I saw one. This picture may explain why Elaine's friends said; "You can't marry him, he's got no visible means of support". They wouldn't say that if they saw me now. (I was over 183cm in my boots and only weighed 54kg then.)  The story behind this episode of my life on the road, has been written up in my sorto'biography 'The Toss Of A coin'.
L to R - Standing: Mark, Phil & Ian, Sitting: Maurice, Lenny & Dean
Can't recall the photographer. (Oh the vagaries of middle age!)