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What would you use this beast for?

Being the offspring of a Samick 'PJ' style bass guitar and a hospital bed table, with interference from a violin and a lap slide, the 'Philibasster' is a fun bit of a technical curiosty that also has practical application, plus some weird potential uses. (So far it's best performance was in producing the sounds of wrecked ships on the floor of the ocean. Go figure!)
Postscript to the Powerpoint above: More recently the knobs have been replaced with larger, silver and black plastic ones that allow finer control and eliminate earthing problems until I can update the pickups and electronics. Also I have finally obtained a sound close to what I was seeking using a Zoom A2 effects unit on preset 'B0' (for those playing at home) through the FX loop of a Marshall AS50C amp that also has subtle reverb and chorus dialled up. Very nice.