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As you will have figured out by now, I’m Phil. I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself and then if you're interested you can go explore my world using the tabs above - or if you want you can do that that right now and skip the stuff below.
In any case, I’ve been doing musical stuff since I was around nine years old. Too long ago to concern us here. In fact that was when my first gig was; singing solo at a wedding. That was also the age when I was first referred to as ‘Mr. Young’, which was convenient what with it being my surname.

I’m not famous, and not likely to be; although I’ve probably had my fifteen minutes of fame if I add all my little moments of pride together, and most of those have revolved around music.

With over forty years involvement in many areas of music I am currently one of the very many passionate musicians who keep bread on the table by doing a ‘day job’ and spending almost all the rest of my time involved with Folk and Acoustic music in various capacities. Having dabbled to various extents in professional rock music, song writing, sound mixing, CD production, contest presentation and radio, I seem to have gathered quite a bunch of recordings, tips, tricks, ideas, opinions and stories that I find my friends and fellow musicians don’t have in their gig bag. This web site is my response to suggestions that I make them available for others in similar circumstances so they can contemplate, and perhaps gain from my mistakes and occasional successes, without having to go through the decades long process themselves. It is also a vehicle for those who'd like to keep tabs on or get hold of output from my various other endeavours.

If you’re one of those people, then ‘Welcome’. I hope you find something here that interests you and that you’ll come back for more on occasion. As a hint, if you do care to go looking, you'll find amongst the non-musical content such things as: short stories, a novella or two, a bit of poetry, a bunch of photographs, some philosophical musings, new (non-digital) games and various random thoughts about the Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse.

If you’re not one of those people, then ‘Welcome’ anyway. Despite appearances in my photograph, I’m not all that scary really, so have a browse around and check the place out just in case. You may even come to like the way I think and if you want to check out the way I talk, listen to 'Folk On The Fringe', streaming live to the web on Weds7pm to 9pm Melbourne (Aus) time on Mountain District Radio - 3MDR.